Monday, October 13, 2014

First Wonder Child Challenge Recap

The Wonder Child Challenge is another challenge created by Pinstar. Your goal is to have a wonder child and get them skilled as much as possible by the time they grow up to young adult. I had no intentions of writing about this challenge but I had some misfortunes that I can't resist sharing.

You start by creating two Adults, one male and one female. You can give them any aspiration and traits you wish.

Here we have Chloe Keys

Here is Brock McGhee

The beginning of this challenge is a bit tough. With limited time to get them on good terms and have a kid, I tried to rush them into things. The first time the "Try for baby" option came up I went ahead and clicked it. What I didn't realize was that Chloe was really embarrassed and apparently her asking to try for baby put her over the edge. Next thing I knew she was dying.

So here I was thinking "I failed the challenge before I even got her pregnant". Luckily Brock plead for her life and she was saved.

After that disaster I was able to get her pregnant and she had......


First twins I have had on the Sims 4 so far. Their names are Armani (the wonder child) and Braden.

 Now little Armani was so focused on his experiments he didn't even realize he was catching everything on fire... including himself.

 "Oh great, now I'm killing off the wonder child and am failing the challenge again"

Add to that Chloe went and caught herself on fire as well. Brock saved the day and put out the fires and little Armani and Chloe survived.

Then one day Chloe decided to cook some eggs. She was level 3 cooking so she can handle it right.....
Once again she was saved.

Despite all the issues they went through, Brock and Chloe aged really well.

Now the time came for Brock to go. I wasn't ready for this so had Chloe try to plead for his life, it worked. Brock was able to come back to life for a little while more.

Then the day came where Brock knew it was his time and gracefully left. I believe at this point Chloe had already passed.

Umm Braden..... why? Btw Didn't know you could even attempt to seduce the Grim Reaper.

Now the time for the twins was coming quick and I had to make a last push to get Armani to finish his painting skill.

This 97% will always haunt me....

Here is the finished Wonder Child. A score of 120. Not too great and I'm sure I can do better. Hey him surviving to the end was lucky enough. 

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